Remote Deposit

Make check deposits from the convenience of your own office without ever having to run to the bank! Using a check scanner and a secure Internet connection, front and back images of deposited checks are collected and sent to the bank for processing. Use our virtual endorsement feature and you won’t even have to endorse them! Conserve your gas, stop battling traffic, and utilize your time more productively by scanning checks into our user-friendly remote deposit system.

  • Deposits can be made as late as 7:00 pm EST for same-day posting
  • Save money by eliminating a courier service and employee time away from the office
  • Consolidate multiple banking relationships
  • Reduce return item risk – the faster a check attempts to clear, the faster you will learn if it doesn’t
  • Optional check conversion to ACH on consumer checks less than $25,000
  • Quicker returned item processing – checks converted to ACH can be redeposited up to two additional times automatically
  • Improve funds availability as check images clear faster than paper checks
  • Multiple scanner selection

*Remote deposit is subject to bank approval.