Debit Cards

The Stonegate Bank Debit Card works like a check and an ATM card, with no monthly service fee. You can use your Debit Card instead of writing a check at any business that accepts MasterCard®. Every purchase is withdrawn from your checking account and recorded on your monthly statement. No more check approval hassles! No credit card interest expenses!

Our Debit Card even provides ATM access so you can use it to get cash any time day or night. For your convenience, free account inquiries and withdrawals can be made at any Stonegate Bank ATM or Presto! ATM (located at all Publix® stores).

Should you require international access for your Debit Card, please contact your Stonegate Bank office to request this access.


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If your Debit Card is lost or stolen, please notify us immediately at 1-866-546-8273, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



IMPORTANT ALERT FOR CARDHOLDERS:  Due to a high volume of fraudulent activity, signature-based debit card transactions are not able to be performed and will be declined in the following states - California and New York.  PIN-based transactions are acceptable.



Debit Card Fraud Detection Service

Stonegate Bank is now utilizing a high-tech, high-touch monitoring service that will protect your account using state-of-the-art intelligence technology and skilled fraud experts.  If suspicious debit card transactions are detected, the fraud center will attempt to contact you to verify the legitimacy of the transaction.  This contact may be in the form of email, text message or telephone call.  If fraud is confirmed, your card is immediately disabled to prevent further activity and you will be instructed to contact your local branch to obtain a new card.  If you cannot be reached to confirm the activity, a temporary block will be placed on your card.

How Does Fraud Detection Work?

To help keep your money and your personal information safe, the debit card fraud detection system is designed using the latest "neural network" technology that actually learns your debit card purchase patterns. The system analyzes authorization requests for your card in real time and compares them to your purchase history as well as current fraud trends.  If abnormal transaction patterns are detected, immediate action will be taken to reduce the potential of continued fraud.  As your profile and transactions change over time, the fraud detection system also updates its files with every new transaction.


The fraud center will never ask you to give your account number over the phone.  They already have that information. Recently scammers have been calling Visa and MasterCard holders and asking them for their 3-digit security code (found on the back of the card).  Never give your full account number, PIN or 3-digit code to anyone who contacts you -- no matter how legitimate the request may sound.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the legitimacy of any communication you receive, please contact the fraud center directly at 1-800-417-4592 or your local Stonegate Bank office.

Update Your Contact Information Timely

If you've moved or changed jobs, it's important to provide us with your new phone number.  Additionally, we often find that customers can be reached by email or cell phone quicker than any other method.  For this reason, you may want to consider providing your email address and cell phone number as additional ways to contact you.

Never Depend on One Form of Payment

Our goal in adding the fraud detection service is to ensure the ultimate security of your account.  We certainly don't wish to cause any inconvenience, however, if you cannot be reached and the risk of fraud is great, for your protection, the transaction may be rejected and your account blocked for future debit card transactions.  We encourage you to carry a secondary form of payment for any emergencies.  


Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If your Debit Card is lost or stolen, please notify us immediately at 1-866-546-8273, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Additionally, you should also call or visit your local Stonegate Bank office, or you may call our main office at 1-954-315-5500, during business hours to report any unauthorized transactions or to reorder a new Debit Card. You may also notify us after hours via our Contact Us page.


ATM Scams

We are committed to safeguarding your privacy and security at all times.  You can also help protect yourself by being aware of these four common ATM scams and taking steps to avoid them.


Scam #1: Card Skimming

Skimmers are devices illegally added to ATM machines to capture account numbers, account balances and PIN numbers.  You may find a card skimmer mounted over the normal ATM card slot or beside it with a sign that reads "Slide card here first" or a similar message.

Click here to learn more.


Scam #2: The Loop

This scam involves a blocking device that is inserted into the card slot of an ATM machine.  When your card appears to become stuck a common reaction is to go into the bank to report the problem.  That's when the thieves jump into action by removing the blocking device and withdrawing money from your account.

In another variation, a "Good Samaritan" suggests that you enter your PIN number a couple of times or offers to hold the cancel button while you enter your PIN.  Rather than helping, they are actually memorizing your PIN number.

Click here to learn more.


Scam #3: Shoulder Surfing

Another way to glean your PIN number is for thieves to mount a wireless video camera inside the ATM area designed to capture video of you entering your PIN number into the keypad.  Once the scammers have your number, magnetic strips are easy to make and thieves are able to reproduce ATM cards.


Scam #4: Cash Trapping

In this scam your cash is trapped by a sleeve or device slipped inside the cash dispenser that blocks your cash from coming out of the machine.  The thieves hope you will walk or drive away, assuming the machine is out of order, or go inside the bank and report the incident.


Five Simple Tips to Protect Yourself from ATM Scams

  1. Become familiar with the ATM machines you use regularly and be able to recognize changes to the machine and its surroundings.  Be wary of any device that looks temporarily added or affixed to the machine.
  2. Never rely on the help of a stranger to retrieve a confiscated card or help you with a card that isn't working properly.
  3. Never use an ATM machine when other people are lingering or seem suspicious.
  4. Always report confiscated cards immediately.
  5. Avoid ATM machines with extra signage or warnings posted on the machine.


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