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Online Banking

Stonegate's Online Banking is a secure, user-friendly, internet-based banking system designed so that you can do your banking anywhere and any time. Enhanced security features are included to give you peace of mind about banking over the internet – at your convenience.

Account Access

  • View current balances and transaction history on all of your accounts
  • View and print statements in either PDF, HTML or text format
  • Search for transactions by amount, check number or time period
  • View images of deposit tickets and front and back images of checks
  • Enroll for eStatements and receive your bank statement by email early each month
  • eStatement feature provides access to 14 months of bank statement copies, including check images
  • Add stop payments on checks written


Bill Payment


This FREE service is available to consumers and businesses. Online bill pay gives you the freedom to enjoy life.  Enjoy the convenience, savings, and security, and let us do the work!

  • No need to buy check stock, envelopes or stamps
  • No trips to the Post Office
  • Vendors paid either electronically or by check
  • Schedule recurring payments and never worry about a late payment again
  • Guard against identity theft from lost or stolen checks and bills
  • Account is not charged until payment is cleared
  • Make payments anywhere, anytime, even when you're travelling

Consumer Bill Pay Features

  • eBills
  • Pay-a-Person electronic payments
  • Rush Payments*
  • Gift Payments*
  • Donation Payments*
  • e-Notifications via text message or email

Business Bill Pay Features

  • Multi-user entitlements
  • Pay-a-Person electronic payments
  • Rush Payments*
  • e-Notifications via text message or email
  • Payroll Deposits*
  • Online Invoicing - create and send invoices online, collect online payments from your customers*

*The consumer and business bill pay services are provided at no fee.  Gift and donation payments, rush payments, payroll deposits, and online invoicing will be available for a fee.  Use of the payroll deposits service is subject to approval.

View our demos and be sure to click on "Take a Test Drive" in the upper right hand corner to navigate your options.

Learn more about online bill pay                         Learn more about business online bill pay


Additional Options

  • Send secure messages to the bank
  • Set up notifications for events, balance alerts or personal items
  • Download transactions into your Microsoft® Money, Quicken® or QuickBooks® software**
  • Additional Cash Management functions for ACH and Positive Pay


  • Make one time transfers or establish recurring transfers between accounts
  • Make a payment on your Stonegate Bank loan
  • Originate domestic and international wire transfers
  • Originate one-time wires or set up repetitive wires
  • Set up notifications via alert or email for incoming wire transfers

User Security (typically for business users)

  • System administrator functionality
  • Set up multiple users
  • Access to accounts and user functions can be customized for each user
  • Establish individual authority levels for each user

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

  • Initiate ACH items as one-time or recurring
  • Originate direct deposit of payroll, pre-authorized debits, cash concentration, and tax payments
  • Create batches or import NACHA-formatted, fixed width, or delimited files

Positive Pay

  • Match checks presented for payment against checks issued files
  • Mapping of various issue file formats available
  • Import issue files or manually key enter checks issued
  • View exception reports and decision online
  • Timely processing of returned checks


Online Banking Enrollment Form - Single User

Online Banking Enrollment Form - Multiple Users and Cash Management

Security Transaction Passcodes - Customer Guide

Security Matters! (Recommendations for a Secure Online Experience)

FDIC Publication:  A Cybersecurity Guide for Financial Institution Customers

FDIC Publication:  A Cybersecurity Guide for Businesses

Special Notice to Former Regent Bank Customers


** Quicken and QuickBooks are registered trademarks of Intuit, Inc.



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IBM Security Trusteer Rapport

Online Security You Can Bank On.

trusteer logo

Antivirus:  A False Sense of Security

Studies indicate that antivirus software detects only about 25% of the most popular malware currently being emailed to computer users.  That's because the virus creators move too quickly.  By the time antivirus products are able to block new viruses, it is often too late.  The bad guys have already managed to access a customer's bank account. Antivirus solutions create a special signature for each virus, or malware, and cannot defend against malware unless a file sample has already been obtained and a signature created to fight it.  The problem is that malware authors are able to create millions of files, each with a unique signature every month.  The same malware can be masked in many different files, each with its own signature that is unknown to the antivirus.  Antivirus solutions take days, sometimes even weeks, to detect new financial malware signatures and remove them.  By the time the antivirus provider eventually cleans the computer of the malware, it may already be too late to prevent the fraud from occurring.  That doesn't mean you should discard your antivirus solutions.  Many other viruses exist. They will slow down your computer or interfere with your work, but they will not attempt to steal money from you.  Your antivirus solutions should be used to protect you from these types of viruses.


IBM Security Trusteer Rapport

Trusteer Rapport's innovative technology picks up where conventional security software fails.  From the moment it is installed, Trusteer Rapport protects your computer and mitigates financial malware infections.  Trusteer Rapport also communicates with Stonegate Bank, allowing our team to take immediate action against changes in the threat landscape.

Trusteer Rapport doesn't look for file signatures.  It doesn't bother to examine what the file is, but rather what the file does.  Trusteer Rapport detects the malware installation process and breaks it - keeping the computer clean.  Even if malware managed to install on the computer, Trusteer Rapport detects and blocks any attempt by the malware to compromise the browser and your online banking session.  By stopping the malware's malicious behavior, Trusteer Rapport is able to provide protections above and beyond what is possible with an antivirus solution.  This is why Stonegate has chosen to partner with Trusteer to offer you this excellent layer of security, at no charge!

Trusteer Rapport currently protects tens of millions of users worldwide.  In an independent study, Trusteer Rapport stopped 100% of all financial malware used by testers to try and infect a protected machine.


How Trusteer Rapport Protects You

  • Removes existing financial malware from your computer immediately
  • Prevents financial malware infections when accessing malicious websites or downloading malicious applications
  • Stops phishing attacks from stealing your credentials and data
  • Automatic updates are done in the background keeping up with the latest threats
  • Compact software that won't slow down your computer or interfere with your applications
  • Protection starts with a quick installation (to ensure full protection please restart your computer)


Download Now

For additional information and to install, click:  DOWNLOAD HERE

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers


IBM® and Trusteer Rapport™ are registered trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.


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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

With Stonegate Mobile Banking you can securely access your deposit and loan accounts, view your balances and transaction history, initiate funds transfers and bill payments...anytime, anywhere, for free.

Using Mobile Banking you can:

  • View up to 500 transactions
  • View account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay bills to existing payees
  • Send money using Person to Person payments
  • Deposit checks
  • Report a lost or stolen Check Card
  • View alerts
  • Find Stonegate Bank locations

Mobile Banking works with any web-enabled mobile device whose network allows secure SSL traffic.  No account data is stored on your mobile device so your information cannot be stolen.  Text messages are sent to confirm successful transactions.


Mobile Text Service

  • View account balances for all enrolled accounts or one specific account by texting the "Bal" command
  • View the last 4 transactions for each enrolled account or one specific account by texting the "Hist" command

Enrollment is simple for Online Banking users.  Just Click on the Options tab once you are logged in to Online Banking, select Web Mobile Settings or Text Mobile Settings, and follow the prompts. Users may be enrolled for both services.  If you are an iPhone or Android user, we even have a free app for that!  Simply search for Stonegate Bank in the App Store or Market.  Other smartphone users may utilize Mobile Banking by typing in their mobile browser.


Mobile Deposit

Stonegate Bank's Mobile Deposit service makes depositing a check as easy as taking a picture with your smartphone.  Using Mobile Deposit you can:

  • Deposit a check on your schedule - any time, day or night
  • Make check deposits anywhere - no need to worry about getting to the bank on time

Auto enrollment is available for consumer Mobile Deposit.  Simply log in to mobile banking, click on the Deposits menu option and complete the requested informaiton.  To enroll in commercial Mobile Deposit, log in to Online Banking and simply send us a secure message using the "Contact Us" option in the upper right corner of your Online Banking session.  Within two business days you will see a Deposits menu option when you log in to Mobile Banking.

You may deposit up to 5 checks per day with a dollar limit of $3,000 per day, and up to 20 checks per month with a dollar limit of $10,000 per month.  Please contact your local banking office to enroll in Online Banking.

Frequently Asked Questions


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CD-ROM Service

Stonegate Bank’s image storage solution provides long term storage for images of canceled checks, deposit tickets, checks deposited, and bank statements.

  • Eliminate the boxes of old bank statements and checks kept in storage
  • Multiple account statements and images burned on a single CD-ROM monthly
  • Images can be easily viewed from the CD or imported onto your computer system
  • Search for a specific item or groups of items


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Escrow Account Services

Escrow Account Services are often used by real estate attorneys, title insurance agents and real estate brokers. Provided by First Banking Services, we work in concert with your closing and accounting systems to provide the reports necessary to manage the volume of transactions flowing through your accounts, as well as to help satisfy the requirements of your auditors, state regulatory agencies and underwriters.

  • Provides a comprehensive reconciliation of your bank account to the bank statement
  • Provides a detailed report of your balance by escrow or file number
  • Detailed reporting at the file level of every receipt and payment made on behalf of the file, tracked until it zeros out
  • Third party involvement in your reconciliation process to satisfy underwriters


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Sub-Accounting Services

Sub-Accounting Services are often used by attorneys, property managers, healthcare professionals, and retail businesses. Our Sub-Accounting Services, provided by First Banking Services, work for you to eliminate the necessity of managing multiple bank accounts and the hassle associated with each.

The identification for each sub-account transaction is encoded on your deposits and payments, or you can supply us the detail electronically. Simply by identifying your transactions to a specific sub-account within one master bank account, you can enjoy the benefits of one account while maintaining the detail as if you had multiple accounts. Optional interest allocation services allow your master account to earn interest with the interest earnings allocated to each sub-account. Year-end 1099INT reporting can be provided.

  • Relief from opening and closing multiple bank accounts
  • Increase the earning power for your sub-account holders
  • Ability to track balances and detail on one report
  • Monthly reporting: Account History Ledger and optional Interest Allocation Report


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