Cash and Investment Solutions


Sweep Investment

Stonegate Bank offers automatic sweep services designed to maximize investment income. The sweep function accurately and reliably manages your daily cash position, allowing your business to make the most productive use of its time and money. During the end-of-day processing, if the investable balance exceeds any predetermined target balance, the funds from the checking account are automatically transferred into an investment account. Likewise, if funds are needed to cover checks or other disbursements, a transfer is automatically made from the investment account into the checking account. All funds are fully available each morning, and interest is paid monthly.

Cash Sweep

  • Standard FDIC coverage applies
  • Stable Custody Group LLC acts as your agent
  • Funds never leave the bank
  • No withdrawal limitations
  • Competitive interest rates

Investment Sweep - Repurchase Agreements (Repos)

  • Repurchase Agreements are contracts between the Bank (Seller) and the customer (Buyer) whereby U.S. Government Securities are sold for an agreed upon amount by the Bank on an overnight or term basis and repurchased by the Bank for an agreed upon amount at maturity (overnight or the specified term)
  • Securities are government obligations – either treasuries or government agencies
  • Receipts mailed daily showing details of security backing the investment
  • Repurchase Agreements are not deposits and therefore are not covered by FDIC insurance
  • Competitive interest rates


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Debt Management Sweep

Stonegate Bank’s automatic Debt Management Sweep service is designed to reduce borrowing expenses. Excess balances over any predetermined target balance are swept to a commercial line of credit at Stonegate Bank.

  • Advances and payments are automatically made based on account activity
  • Daily operating funds are utilized to keep the line of credit at a minimal balance
  • Eliminates the time and effort of formally requesting advances and payments

Investment Sweep and Debt Management Sweep can be combined. After all transactions on your account are processed, Stonegate Bank determines the most efficient use of your cash. If your account contains an excess balance, funds are paid on your outstanding line of credit first, and then all other cash is invested. If your account contains a deficit balance, funds are liquidated from the investment first, and then drawn from your line of credit.


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